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Wood Briquettes

Wood briquettes offer an easy and convenient fuel solution for multi-fuel stoves or open fireplace burning. Briquettes can be used in any coal or wood fireplace without any modifications required.

Wood Briquettes

Our wood briquettes are packed in handy bags which are clean and easy to carry around. Being dry and providing a clean flame, they ignite and burn like any conventional logs, but more efficiently.

Wood briquettes are made of compressed wood-chippings and sawdust. During the manufacturing process the wood releases a natural glue called lignin which combines the wood-chippings and sawdust together. In the process, the briquettes are compressed to 10% of their original volume. The final product is a solid block slightly smaller than a house brick. The briquettes can be split into smaller parts for use in smaller stoves or fireplaces if required.

Compared to other firewood products, wood briquettes produce minimal amounts of ashes. They contain only 8% moisture, which means they produce less smoke, keeping the chimney cleaner. The briquettes provide high energy output, burning for up to three hours, they last longer than most other types of firewood.

A bag of wood briquettes produces the same amount of heat as around thirty kilograms of dry firewood.


We hold local stocks of Wood Briquettes in packs of 16 ready for immediate local delivery.
  • A natural, clean and convenient alternative to firewood logs
  • Made from compressed wood chips, high heat output
  • Easy to light, slow burning, low smoke meaning cleaner chimney
  • Free delivery direct to your door in packs of 16 (min order 10 packs)
Natural, clean and easy to handle fuel
Delivered in packs of 16 direct to your door
Wood briquettes offer a clean and natural alternative to logs and coal

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Arran Energy produce and deliver a range of modern wood fuels, suitable for biomass heating appliances in homes and businesses on the Isle of Arran.


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